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Brussels sprout (Brassica oleracea Gemmifera Group)   Edit Report inappropriate crop

They're not everyone's favourite vegetable but are truly delicious if not over-cooked and what would Christmas be without 'fairy cabbages'?

They're big plants which take up a lot of room for a long time. The need for firm soil cannot be overemphasised if you want to avoid loose or 'blousy' sprouts.

Likes and dislikes
pH6.0 - 7.5
Previous cropprefer
Previous autumnok
Before plantingdislike
Full sunprefer
Partial shadedislike


sow under cloches sow under cloches

Between plants: 8cm
Between rows: 15cm

For an early crop sow thinly under cloches or in a cold frame 2cm deep. Thin to 8cm apart.

sow outdoors sow outdoors

Between plants: 8cm
Between rows: 15cm

Sow thinly, 2cm deep in drills in a seed bed. Thin to 8cm apart.

plant plant

Between plants: 75cm
Between rows: 75cm

Plant into soil manured for the previous crop and cultivated the autumn before planting. Plant seedlings slightly deeper thanthey were grown in the seed bed. Earth up the stems for extra stability or tie to canes.

harvest harvest

Sprouts taste sweeter after the first frost. Work from the bottom of the plant upwards, snapping or cutting off sprouts when they are about the size of a walnut. Once you have harvested all the sprouts, the cabbage-like tops can be eaten as spring greens. Alternatively, the whole plant can be lifted and hung upside-down for six weeks in a frost-free place.

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White fly (dan - 17:00 26/01/2015) Report inappropriate tip
If you have a liquidiser blend three garlic cloves up with some warm water. pour into spray bottle spray effected plants.
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