Euleia heraclei - Hogweed Picturewing

Euleia heraclei - Hogweed Picturewing

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Type: Pests

Celery leaf miner (Euleia heraclei)

Small (5mm long) white maggots 'mine' tunnels through the leaves, leaving brown blotches and blisters. Up to three generations each year mean an attack can come at any time from late spring onwards. These can cause stunted growth and bitterness.


  • Long silvery trails along leaves
  • Stunted growth

Prevention & control

  • Prevention is with fleece or insect mesh
  • Remove and burn badly infected leaves
  • Crushing the maggots within their tunnels is also effective
  • As always, good crop rotation and removing crop debris are important as pupae overwinter in the soil or leaves
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