Winter frost

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Frost defines the beginning and end of the main vegetable growing season, except for those plants which can tolerate it. That said, many plants will cope with a light frost early in the season and, if not killed, most recover well. In contrast, at the end of the season, frost can damage fruit such as pumpkins and courgettes so that they most be eaten immediately or rot.


  • Brown edges or whole brown leaves appearing overnight
  • Darker, almost translucent patches on pumpkins, courgettes and squash

Prevention & control

  • Time sowing and harvesting of frost-tender crops to avoid frost
  • Light frost can be defeated by fleece or cloches
  • Potatoes can be earthen up to protect tender shoots as they appear
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Protect crowns over winter (administrator - 06:40 19/01/2012) Report inappropriate tip
Protect the crowns and roots from frost with a thick layer of dry mulch - straw or bark chippings work well. This is more important with young plants and the further North you go.
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