Wood Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus)

Wood Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus)

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Type: Pests

Mice (Mus spp.)

Mice take larger seeds, even when they have recently germinated. They will also take the seeds of mature vegetables. They are more likely to bother gardeners in the autumn and early spring when other food is scarce.


  • Seeds appear to have failed to germinate
  • They sometimes leave a small hole from their burrowing
  • On pea pods and sweetcorn cobs, look for tell-tale ragged teeth marks

Prevention & control

  • Instead of sowing direct, make early and late sowings in gutters or pots and plant them out once they have started growing well.
  • If you don't have room to sow elsewhere, protect seeds and very young seedlings with a fine wire mesh
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Prevent mice (wsjames - 00:27 01/12/2014) Report inappropriate tip
Coating broad bean seeds with chili powder paste really does reduce the rate of seed loss from mouse attack. In this trial I sowed two pairs of rows of broad bean Witkiem Manita in February. One pair was sown with seeds pre-coated in a slurry of hot chili powder (stabilized with cornflour) and the other without pre-treatment.See links below for images of the rows after germination. Without chili 4 out of 17 survived mouse attach. With chili treatment 11 out of 17 survived.https:docs.google.comfiled0BHFQUB87hstU2hqZEktWUVkcG8edit?uspsharinghttps:docs.google.comfiled0BHFQUB87hstYVZ6dVYteGtnU3Medit?uspsharing
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